Courthouse Complex Phone Listing

Hampshire County Government Complex Contacts/Extensions
Name         Name Contact Number
Assessors Office                                        Ph: 304-822-3326   Planning Office Ph: 304-822-7018
Norma Wagoner- Assessor Amanda Barnes
Patty White (Mapping/GIS Technician)                304-822-5195
  Sheriffs Office Ph: 304-822-3894
  Sheriff Nathan Sions
Hampshire County Judicial Center        Ph: 304-822-5022        Chief Dep. John Alkire
Sonja Embrey - Circuit Clerk Admin/Civil: Carolyn Bean
Circuit Court Judge H. Charles Carl, III              304-822-7442
Circuit Court Judge C. Carter Williams              304-530-0275 County Clerk                              Ph: 304-822- 5112

  Twenty-Third Family Court Circuit
Eric Strite
Judge Deanna Rock                                             304-788-0028 Treasurers Tax Office              Ph: 304-822-4720
Judge Glen Stotler                                               304-258-7487 Jacque Wolford

Magistrate Court
Clerk:Christie D. Davis                                          304-822-4311  
Magistrate Ron DiCiolla  
Magistrate John D. Rohrbaugh
  WVU Extension Office Ph: 304-822-5013
Kelly Hicks    Candace DeLong
    Amie Dawson Leah Kidner Shannon Ritchie  

Other Agency Numbers:
Agency Phone Agency Phone  
911 Center (non-emerg.) 822-6000 Div. of Forestry 822-4512
Animal Control 496-9379 HC Health Dept. 496-9640
Capon Bridge PD 856-2179 Judicial Center - Bailiff 822-5161
Capon Bridge Town Off. 856-3625 PHRJ 496-1275
Parks and Recreation 822-7300 Probation Office 822-4712
Chick Buckbee Juvenile Ctr. 496-1341 Prosecuting Attorney 822-3567
Day Report Center 822-3009 Romney City Office 822-5118
DEP/Environmental Protection 822-7266 Romney PD 822-4060
DHHR Romney 822-6900 WVSP Romney 822-3561
DMV Romney 822-3123 Fire Marshall / Arson Line 800-233-3473
DNR/NRP Romney 822-3551
Emergency Mgmt. 822-7513